Frank C Langbein
Ex Tenebris Scientia

Success in building simple quantum devices show promise for quantum technology in building smaller, faster, more energy efficient devices as well as devices with novel functionalities. Besides quantum computing such devices may also be useful for other applications, especially those currently performed by electronic devices. More exact measurement devices, clocks, medical probes and new drugs, photosynthesis-based devices, etc. may also be enabled by quantum technology. This rises the general problem of exploiting the properties of quantum systems as part of nano technology. Quantum modelling aims to provide computational tools for creating, editing and simulating quantum devices. These tools should enable engineers to explore the behaviour of quantum systems to design novel quantum devices.

Software related to this is developed at the Qyber development site.

Cite as Quantum Modelling, by Frank C Langbein [10/June/2009, 15:26].
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