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Greetings, virtual wanderer! I have been expecting you...

May I, Frank C. Langbein, a lecturer at the School of Computer Science and Informatics at Cardiff University, bid you a warm welcome to my personal web site.

Contact me with any comments, requests, ideas, interests, offers to participate, or just for fun and curiosity. You may also be interested in the related Astarte development site and my blog at X=10Z. Sometimes you may also find me on a few social networking sites.

Research (Publications, Presentations, Funding, Solids, Points, Manifolds, Quantum, Algorithms)
My research evolves around geometric and physical modelling with some topics related to computer graphics and vision. A particular direction is reverse engineering in the sense of generating computational descriptions of artefacts and natural objects and detecting patterns in the measured data suitable for analysis, modification and simulation applications. I am interested in modelling physical systems using discrete descriptions suitable for computation, simulation, etc. I am also working on point-based modelling, curves and surfaces, mesh processing, and related issues in differential and computational geometry. I am interested in applying this in engineering and science, with a particular focus on modelling quantum systems for building novel quantum devices.
Teaching (Graphics, AI, Java App., Topics, TeX/LaTeX)
Teaching should enable students to understand concepts such that they can apply these on their own to solve problems and ultimately develop new concepts. Presenting well-organised content is important, but enabling students to form their own understanding of these concepts is at the core of good teaching. My classes may not be simple - I actually like mathematics - but I hope they help to solve problems and understand the patterns underneath.
Outreach (Reverse Eng, Quantum Eng)
I am driven by the desire to understand the universe. Not all is about science, but I seek rational explanations, not fantasy or dogma. It is far more fascinating to fully understand how something works, rather than observing miraculous workings of a strange mechanism while being stuck in awe or ignorance. Science is not able to explain everything, but anything that can be rationally explained is covered by science. It should not keep this knowledge to itself, but make it accessible to the general public, which is what I attempt in this section.
Software (Astarte, CFTeX, DeLia, LEAP, NTeX)
Computers and networks create a fascinating virtual world, implemented on top of the physical world, to create, explore, control and evolve. Besides the obvious relation to my research I also enjoy writing software. Whenever possible, I write and support free software as this is the best way of distributing software for users, research and innovation. Instead of limiting the rights of others, I prefer sharing my work. This refers to all of my work, not just software.
Frank (Contact, Vita, Social Net)
Most of what I do is related to science, research or computers; other, less organised material is on my blog. Not that I miss a social life and maybe I rather do not have a professional life; I can never quite figure out what is what. The spare time left I spent on photography, music, books, movies, travelling... anything interesting, weird or strange that crosses my path.

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